Mehdi khmiri

Mehdi Khemiri was the founder, the top shareholder and CEO of TOPNET, the leading Internet Service Provider in Tunisia. TOPNET was founded in 2001 and, despite the competition among the 5 existing internet providers, experienced tremendous growth resulting in 50% of market share and exceeding 200,000 ADSL subscribers. In June 2010, Mehdi successfully sold 100% of TOPNET to TUNISIE TELECOM, the Tunisian incumbent operator.

After his success, Mehdi founded INNOVEST, a new venture capital company specializing in new information technology. He aims to actively finance and support the success of future Tunisian start-ups by using his management experience and IT proficiency. A special focus will be given to working alongside innovative Tunisian entrepreneurs by complementing their expertise with business skills – including marketing, finance, strategy and international development.

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