Start’Act Business Accelerator is the first Tunisian Startup Accelerator launched by Carthage Business Angels and sponsored by the French development agency (AFD).

The program:

This program invests in Tunisian entrepreneurs; This accelerator is for Tunisian entrepreneurs who want to transform their ideas into sustainable and successful Businesses.

Start’Act will be launched in June 2015, it will assist and encourages entrepreneurs throughout the critical first steps of commercialization and development.

Our Target for the accelerator program is to graduate 10 successful and scalable startup businesses each season.

The objectif:

We offer a short term, high-impact program to kick-off the evolution of ideas and business plans to effective and viable business.

Our program is designed to introduce high impact business concepts to an intense curriculum led by successful mentor entrepreneurs and experts.  These experts will walk side by side with the start up team throughout the program to keep them focused on the critical elements needed to grow their business.

Each start up is provided tremendous resources and support to grow quickly, test the market quickly, and become viable.  We help them win their initial customers and gain traction.

The outcome:

Upon their selection, the teams are provided with seed funding as they attempt to empower their business aspects, develop their core product, construct a well-balanced Business model, commercialize their enterprise and make the business reliable.


We believe that Tunisia will grow, the only uncertainty is the speed at which it does. We do believe that it is now the right time to start building our startups and investing in entrepreneurs with in the country.